Mandy Lupton’s talk in RIME seminar

Dr. Mandy Lupton (School of Cultural and Language Studies in Education, Queensland University of Technology, Australia) visits Know-Id and RIME seminar on Wednesday May 23, 2012 at 14-16 (Pinni A 5073) and give a lecture titled

The relationship between inquiry learning and information literacy

(Mandy’s slides are here:

The lecture presents an analysis of the relationship between inquiry learning and information literacy from a theoretical and empirical perspective. The theoretical exploration examined aspects of pedagogy, information seeking and use, literacy and research. The analysis found that some models of inquiry bear a strong relationship with information literacy, others with information seeking and others with research. In the school sector, inquiry and information seeking are dominant models, whereas in higher education, information literacy and research are dominant. Furthermore, inquiry learning is considered as a pedagogy, a process, and a habitus, while information literacy is viewed as a process. The empirical exploration was undertaken in a study of teacher-librarians’ inquiry learning pedagogical practices. The study found that some teacher-librarians saw inquiry learning and information literacy as synonymous, while others saw inquiry learning as a pedagogy dependent on information literacy.

A short biography of Mandy:

Dr Mandy Lupton is a lecturer in teacher-librarianship in the Faculty of Education at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia. She is the author of ‘The Learning Connection: Information literacy and the Student Experience’ (2004) and “Information Literacy and Learning” (2008), both published by Auslib Press. Mandy is interested in the way people use information to learn. Her previous research has investigated university students’ experiences of using information to complete assignments in environmental studies, music and tax law. Her current research involves teacher-librarians’ pedagogical practices and the relationship between inquiry learning and information literacy.

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