Doctoral course on Learning, information and information literacy

Information about the LinCS-DSES doctoral course ”Learning, information, and information literacy” is now available at:

The deadline for applications is: SEPTEMBER 13, 2010.

The course will be held at the University of Gothenburg November 1.-3., preceded by an online meeting at October 18, and followed by a second meeting at the University of Borås, January 12-14 (5 + 5 credits).

All participation is free of charge. TRAVEL COSTS TO COURSE VENUES (including hotel, second class train or budget airfare etc.) WILL BE COVERED. Reimbursement will follow upon completion and passing of course.

During the courses, talks are given by professor Bertram C. Bruce (University if Illinois), professor Roger Säljö (University of Gothenburg), professor Louise Limberg (University of Gothenburg), professor Mikael Alexandersson (University of Gothenburg), and associate professor Helena Francke (University of Borås). Professor Olof Sundin (Universities of Lund and Borås) and associate professor Sanna Talja (Universities of Tampere and Borås) are the responsible course organizers.

All students who are registered as Ph. D. students in LIS, educational sciences and neighbouring fields (interactive media, information systems, media and communication research) within the Nordic countries are eligible to participate in the course. International students are also welcome to participate.
LinCS-DSES is a doctoral school funded by The SwedishResearch Council under the new scheme of providing highquality courses open to all students enrolled in Ph. Important ambitions behind the concept of national doctoral schools is to contribute to the internationalization of doctoral training and to the facilitation of networking between doctoral students at different universities in Sweden and inother countries. The courses will include lectures and seminarsby leading international, Nordic and national scholars. Please note that these VR funded doctoral schools do not pay salaries to students; only costs for participation (travel etc.) will becovered.

LinCS-DSES focuses on processes of learning, interaction and schooling in the modern society. The school offers courses that give the participants a thorough background for studying learning in its various manifestations in contemporary society. An explicit purpose is to offer theoretical and methodological skills relevant for the study of human learning and the development of competences at various levels of inquiry. An important element in the courses is the role that digital technology plays both in the transformation of how people learn in various settings and in terms of the role technology can play in supporting learning activities.

All questions regarding participation, eligibility and funding should be directed at Hans Rystedt, Director of Studies (

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